Michael Francis Spacco

Michael Spacco 1957 Michael Spacco 11/2002 Michael Spacco
1957 11/2002 1962
The second son born to Joseph and Dorothy Spacco was blessed with extraordinary gifts of artistic, musical and mechanical abilities.  After high school, Michael's father took him under his wing and taught him the tool & die and engineering trade.

Michael briefly played guitar with several local Boston rock groups.  It was in 1979 while playing for the group Loose Change that he would meet Hope Dreyfus the mother of his only son Michael F. Dreyfus.

In 1983 Michael meet Laura Vekos and in 1984, a Justice of the Peace would marry them.  Together they would have two daughters Kristen and Brittany.  Michael and Laura were divorced in 1995.  Michael currently resides in Clearwater, Florida.

Michael was bestowed with the gift of artistic abilities.  Painting and drawing come naturally to Michael.  Scroll down to view some of his artwork.

Misty Mountain
1982   Acrylic On Canvas

Cat Nap 1
8/2002   Watercolor

Dragon In The Mist
6/2002   Watercolor

Cat Nap 2
8/2002   Watercolor

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